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Cases Com Au are both a manufacturer of transit cases as well as an importer of transit cases. As custom case manufacturers, on occassions our customers OR ourselves make mistakes with dimensions or information that may make the product wrong for it's intended purpose....if we make a mistake we'll cough up and make it 100% right, if you make a mistake we understandably can't accept returns. As case importers, we may be able to accept a return but this will typically attract a "restocking fee" of 15-20% (20% up to $1000 value and 15% thereafter), this restocking fee assume the product is returned in it's original carton/wrapping without any visible or unseen damage and the restocking fee covers the labour required to administer this and prepare the case for our "clearance center".

ALL returns require pre-notice and approval,easily done by contacting'll be able to pull up your details in seconds!